128-miles in 11.5 hours – Another Successful Impact-Free Running ‘Experiment’!!!

January 5, 2016

Back in November 2015 we reported an interesting marathon running ‘experiment’ in which two ElliptiGO riders did almost all their training for a marathon running event using the ElliptiGO almost exclusively (and doing only a little running, closer to the marathon run). Despite mainly using the ElliptiGO to train for their marathon runs, both runners still completed their marathon runs comfortably – and quickly.

To start the New Year (2016) we have a new report of a very similar experiment, but this time done the other way around! ElliptiGO rider Tim Woodier, from Wales, joined experienced long-distance ElliptiGO riders Andrew Nuttall and Idai Makaya for a 205 km (128-miles) Audax long-distance cycling event (riding on their ElliptiGOs).

Tim had only bought himself an ElliptiGO at the end of November 2015, largely to assist with his training for an 80-mile ultra-marathon run (also meaning that he had done almost all his training for the 128-mile cycling event as ordinary running, because he had only started using the ElliptiGO less than 6 weeks before the big ride).

Despite his relative inexperience – and despite this being his first ever cycling event – Tim actually got through the 128-mile ride alongside the two more experienced riders in a very comfortable 11.5 hours (easily beating the event time-limit of 13.5 hours). What this has demonstrated is the clear link between the fitness required to run and the fitness required to ride an ElliptiGO – the two exercises are very closely related.

The video above summarises their ride and gives a visual insight into what long-distance ElliptiGO cycling usually involves. We thank our customers for regularly sharing these interesting and pioneering challenges with us and we continue to urge more of you to get in touch with us, in relation to your various training advances and triumphs!

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