ElliptiGO Rider Succeeds in Britain’s Toughest Long-Distance Cycling Event!!!

July 9, 2014

In an epic endurance cycling performance ElliptiGO customer Stuart Blofeld, from Leighton Buzzard, defied the odds to successfully complete the Mille Cymru 1000km Audax cycling challenge in Wales, Britain’s toughest long-distance cycling fixture this year. The Mille Cymru Audax is a continuously-timed 1036km tour of the Welsh hills taking in over 16,000m of climbing (that’s 1.5 times the height of Mt Everest, for some perspective!) and with a time limit of just 75 hours.

It was a brutal event and only 100 long distance cyclists were permitted to participate in the challenge. Of the 100 registrants, 25 didn’t start – and only about 60 riders completed it. Stuart was one of them.

Here’s his story and event report, in his own words:

Gospel Pass (640x640)

“….It’s nearly midnight now and getting very cold. I’ve been riding for close to 20 hours and still have over 20 arduous miles to go through the heart of Snowdonia before I get to the warmth and comfort of the Control at Betws y Coed. I’m feeling weary, totally alone and struggling to stay awake as I press on. Physically I’m holding it together and the legs are still strong despite the hundreds of miles and thousands of metres already climbed up to this point. But the questions of self-doubt and why am I here creep in and out of my vague consciousness. The very same questions that crop up in ultra-marathons – yet here I am again putting my body, mind and soul through the same struggles in search of that feeling of accomplishment through adversity and that next amazing high…” READ MORE

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