ElliptiGO Athlete Wins Boston Marathon!!!

April 28, 2014

Prominent ElliptiGO Project Ambassador Meb Keflezighi has won the 2014 Boston Marathon – just two weeks shy of his 39th birthday. He is the first American to win the Boston Marathon in 31 years and is the oldest runner to win since the 1930s. In an unprecedented performance Meb took the lead almost from the starting gun – and led all the way through – catching the pre-race favourites by surprise.

Meb says he drew on the support of the partisan crowd for strength – and at one stage he led by well over a minute. A serious challenge from Kenya’s Wilson Chebet caused Meb’s supporters some serious anxiety in the later stages of the race, as Chebet drew to within 10 seconds of Meb, only a few minutes from the finish. However, Meb would not be denied and he was able to accelerate with confidence in the final mile – holding a spent Chebet at bay and winning in a personal best time of 2:08:37.

Meb’s ElliptiGO story is not dissimilar to that of many other runners – at all levels – who’ve turned to the ElliptiGO in recent years. After a brilliant marathon running career (which saw him win a silver medal in the 2004 Olympic Marathon, secure a win in the New York Marathon in 2009 and also achieve a 4th place finish at the London Olympics Marathon) Meb had found the toll of elite training finally started to take its toll.
After the London Olympics Meb had struggled with injuries and was no longer able to put in the consistent, uninterrupted training necessary to bring out his best performances. So he turned to the ElliptiGO Project, looking to take on smarter but less debilitating training methods to extend his running career and overcome the injury barriers which had slowed him down.It required focus and dedication to allow the new training to pay dividends and Meb wasn’t able to get in enough training to perform to his potential at last year’s New York City Marathon, due to injury setbacks in the build-up to the race. But he was able to train consistently from that point onwards, largely by training smarter (using ElliptiGO cross-training) and employing dedicated stretching and recovery routines, to make his preparations as scientific as possible.

This had allowed Meb to get competition-fit on much lower overall running mileages, whilst keeping all his running sessions extremely intense – and bulking out his endurance training with rides on the ElliptiGO. He had committed to the Boston Marathon immediately after the terrorist attacks which took place in 2013 (while he was there as a spectator) and he was able to get to the starting line of the 2014 Boston Marathon fully trained and able to express his full abilities. The rest, as they say, is history…

Meb was not the only ElliptiGO athlete in the Bostom Marathon field over the Easter weekend – also in the elite race were fellow ElliptiGO Project athletes Adriana Nelson, Craig Leon and Wendy Thomas – who all put in creditable elite performances. With them in the 2014 Boston Marathon were numerous other ElliptiGO customers, alongside ElliptiGO’s Sales Vice President Bryce Whiting, who all partook in the almost spiritual atmosphere prevailing at this year’s race.Click here to listen to Meb’s insightful interview with Bryce Whiting, conducted immediately after the race, in which Meb explains how he used the ElliptiGO to resurrect his athletics career.

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