ElliptiGO Riders Complete Incredible Long-Distance Cycling Challenge Series!!!

June 8, 2015

In May and June 2015 a number of ElliptiGO customers who form the ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team completed a series of some of the toughest cycling events in the world, as they continued their qualification for the 750-mile (1200km) Paris Brest Paris Audax Cycling Challenge (PBP 2015). The PBP, held every 4 years, is the world’s most prestigious amateur long-distance cycling event and has a time-limit of 90 hours.

So far, 7 ElliptiGO team members have completed a gruelling series of qualifying rides (called an Audax “Super Randonneur Series”) which involves the completion of a 200km event (within 13.5 hours), a 300km event (within 20 hours), a 400km event (within 27 hours) and a 600km event (within 40 hours). You can catch up on the details of the team’s qualification progress on this link to the team news page.

PBP Challenge

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