Film – 764 Miles (Non-Stop) on an ElliptiGO

September 7, 2015


From 16-20 August 2015, eight ElliptiGO riders from the ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team joined 6,000 other cyclists to take on the worlds oldest (and biggest) endurance cycling event, the 764-mile (1,230km) Paris Brest Paris (PBP 2015) – riding on ElliptiGO bikes.

The time-limit for completing the full 1,230km course was 90 hours…

Idai Makaya filmed the ride – whilst himself also riding in the challenge – and you can watch his film on the link below. For a summary of the event – and the outcomes for Team ElliptiGO – please refer to the official press release.

You can also get further details of the team results, with more detailed riders’ reports, on the Team News Blog.

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