Never give up Hope!

January 5, 2017

New Year, back on the GO!

This New Year was definitely one to remember! I was travelling back from Heathrow Airport after a trip to Sweden when I received a message from a contact within the ElliptiGO community, asking for more details of the ElliptiGO that was stolen from me 9 months earlier. Was it green, was it an 8C? I waited in eager anticipation to learn if the ElliptiGO, found by a stranger and abandoned in the canal, was in fact mine. The strength of the ElliptiGO and boating communities had combined to reunite me with my GO, which I had assumed I’d never see again.

Why I got the ElliptiGO

I first saw the GO at the London marathon expo in 2013, following a neck injury which saw me out of running action for 6 months. I was desperate to get back into running, but without compromising my recovery, and the GO offered the perfect solution. Like many other runners told ‘not to run’ following an injury, I simply couldn’t accept my fate and after some research I decided to ‘GO’ for it, so to speak!  Not only did the GO ease me back into running, but as I soon came to discover, it provided a nice complement to my regular training. In fact, I PB’d at Frankfurt marathon in 2014 (3.06), following a fairly intense summer of running/GO-ing!

I also trialled using the ElliptiGO as an added option for my sightseeing jogging tour company here in London, ‘City Jogging Tours’ – but due to the logistics of meeting guests at hotels with GOs, we decided it was (for now!) better to remain with our ‘traditional’ offerings of both jogging and walking tours of London.

Training and adventures on the GO!

Hope’s bike stood out in Prague, during her 1,000-mile bike tour…

As well as a training tool, the GO offered opportunities for adventure – I completed a 1,000m mile journey across Europe with a group of friends, as part of a fundraising group called ‘One Mile Closer’. Other riders were at times surprised that I was able to keep up with the ‘proper’ cyclists, albeit in one of the slower groups (the GO can actually reach speeds of up to 25 mph, but apart from some casual ‘GO-ing’ I’d never cycled / or GO-ed long distances before).

Theft and recovery

Needless to say, when my (locked and secured) ElliptiGO was stolen in spring of 2016, I was absolutely gutted. I followed the usual steps of reporting to the police and to online lost/found bike sites, as well as setting up alerts to online sites such as Ebay and Gumtree. Some potential leads were followed up by the police, but in the end they came to nothing. While the ElliptiGO is still a relatively rare sight compared to most bikes, and I held out hope that she might one day be found, I knew the chances for recovery were slim.

Buzz returns Hope’s bike – about 9 months after it was stolen!

Fast forward 9 month to this New Year… When I got the message from Dave, who runs ‘Say Yes More’ and a fellow GO-er, explaining that a man called Buzz had messaged him about a GO he’d found. I tried not to get too excited, but felt there was a good chance this was mine, as it was found in a canal not far from where mine was stolen. A few messages later and after some exchanges about bike colour and serial numbers, it was confirmed – she was mine and was coming home!!!

By some marvellous coincidence, Buzz is also a bike mechanic at – definitely good fortune that he found my GO! Buzz confirmed my ElliptiGO was still in working order and kindly dropped her back to me the next day – I still can’t quite believe it! ElliptiGO: 1, thieves: 0. I’m enjoying a very Happy New Year, back on the GO!

Hope Sloly,

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