I Rode 100-Miles on an ElliptiGO…

November 17, 2015

Carol GA few years ago – after raising my 5 daughters – who are now 26 and 24 (my 24 year old daughters are quadruplets!) I finally had a semblance of time to try and get myself into shape! I had taken to recreational running three years prior up to this particular time, but I was experiencing foot issues and I knew if I didn’t stop running those issues would escalate.

While packing to leave after dropping the first of my four younger daughters at school, I happened to turn around and see an ElliptiGO.  In that instance, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to obtain one.  Everything that registered about the device was positive and I knew that I’d be able to transition from running to running without impact – immediately. Living in an area of hills, this aspect works ‘famously’ for me and would have been my one and only setback had it not been able to perform in regions with hills.

Careol G on hillAfter enjoying riding for fitness, fun and freedom during my first year of ownership, I wanted more of a challenge.  ElliptiGO had an challenge on their website calling on ElliptiGO riders to join the “Century Club“. The first 100 riders to complete 100 miles riding on an ElliptiGO (in a formal cycling event) would become member of this ‘club’.For me, it was trial and error when it came to training to increase distance for the ride, as well as incorporating proper nutrition.

Once a week I would try and ride further than the week before.  I noticed one of my largest setbacks was improper nutrition. There is an ElliptiGO Group that exists on Facebook and many of the members that belong have experience in fitness. I became a member of the Group and questioned the existing members on how best to proceed nutritionally – and in other areas. Their responses were invaluable in helping me to advance my riding distances and on 16 September 2012 I succeeded in becoming the 53rd person to successfully complete a century ride event on an ElliptiGO bike!

Carol G and Mike GI highly recommend riding 100 miles on an ElliptiGO… I feel riding 100 miles is the ‘magic number’ and a wonderful foundation that enabled me to GO through trial and error, learn my body and figure out what type of nutrition enables me to advance even farther distances on the ElliptiGO. Initially, never would I have imagined the “beyond limits” concept that anyone can achieve while riding an ElliptiGO had it not been for the example of the Century Club members who are listed on the ElliptiGO website.

I constantly enjoy learning as I “GO”.  Besides the camaraderie I have with other ElliptiGO riders and the fitness factor (that is unparalleled), the fun and challenge of riding my ElliptiGO is an infinite game.

Written By Carol Galgano

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