It is never too late to ride the ElliptiGO – and to run your first 10k race!

June 9, 2017

New year resolutions come and go but in January 2016 I decided with my 60th birthday in October to set myself a challenge and do something I’d always wanted to do. Run a 10K race in under 1hr.
For those who are fit that may not seem to be much of a challenge, but for someone entering their 60th year and basically having done nothing (in terms of fitness) it seemed like a real ‘stretch’…

I started out with a ‘couch-to 5k’ training plan in April 2016 I did my first 5k in 40 mins. Not very good – but a start. However, in the months that followed, I suffered 4 pulled hamstrings (between June 2016 and February 2017) due to increasing my training pace and training harder.

When turning 60 managed to go sub 30 mins for the 5K and seemed to be on course to meet my target 10k time, with a planned race in May 2017. But with the injuries I had I decided to look at alternative training methods. I wanted something with less impact but high intensity. That’s when I found the ElliptiGO website and Idai Makaya persuaded me that the 8C was the solution to my problems.

On receiving the ElliptiGO, at the end of February 2017, I quickly found the bike was indeed the training answer I was looking for. I enjoyed the ElliptiGO 8C so much that in April 2017 I purchased an ElliptiGO Arc 8 as well.

Between the two machines I embarked on daily rides and slowly increased the distance I was riding. My on-road running training went down to just a few runs per week. My hamstring problems went away and I felt a lot fitter after just a few months on the bike.



The proof of the value of ElliptiGO training came in May 2017, when I ran the Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k race. This was to be my first 10k, at the age of 60, and my challenge would finally be fulfilled (assuming my hamstring held out – and my limited time spent running wouldn’t catch up with me)!

The race went better than I’d ever thought possible and I completed the run in 50min 26 sec! The sub-60 minutes 10k challenge was achieved (and, in my view, it would not have been possible without the training benefits provided by the ElliptiGO).

I continue to ride the ElliptiGO and I’m still improving my fitness and running times. I can’t see life without these bikes now… Brilliant – I’m living the ‘elliptical dream’!

Ian Thom,

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