4 Weekends of Amazing ElliptiGO Journeys (from 3 April 2016)!

April 28, 2016

April 2016 has been a great month for us here in the UK, with the release in Europe of the new ElliptiGO Arc bike. As one would expect, the introduction of the ElliptiGO Arc bike has drawn out some interesting exploration and feedback from our riders.

Andy Nuttall 141 Mile Arc rideOn 3 April 2016, Idai Makaya, the in-house long-distance cycling expert at ElliptiGO UK, put in his maiden Audax long distance cycling ride on the ElliptiGO Arc bike (a full 132-miles)! You can view a short video of that ride below:

Then on 23 April 2016 Steve Baldwin, from Cambridge – the recipient of a newly ordered ElliptiGO Arc bike – sent us a message to say his life has been ”changed” – with the video below accompanying that message in order to express his enthusiasm more articulately…

On the same day, experienced long-distance ElliptiGO rider Andy Nuttall, from Preston, took on a huge cycling challenge of his own (a 141-mile long Audax cycling event in Wales) on the ElliptiGO Arc. Andy was able to complete that mammoth excursion in just 12.5 hours!


Not to be outdone, it would seem, Tim Woodier, an ultra-marathon runner from Wales, set off on a 400km Audax cycling event in Buckinghamshire -riding his ElliptiGO 8C. Tim completed the 256-mile ride in an impressive 22.5 hours!

Tim Woodier Buckingham Blider 400k

As if that was not enough enthusiasm for one month, Steve Abraham, one of the UK’s foremost long-distance cyclists, challenged himself to ride 100-miles per day on an ElliptiGO 8C – between 18 April and 24 April – as a pledge to ‘support’ fellow long-distance cyclist Kajsa Tylen.

Steve’s plan was to show his support by pledging to match her daily road bike mileage during that particular week of her annual cycling mileage world record attempt. Steve was more than able to match Kajsa’s mileage -despite riding the ElliptiGO – and he actually exceeded it (despite having to miss an ElliptiGO riding day during the challenge period – covering 677-miles in total, across the 6-days)!


And finally, to round off a great 4 weeks of amazing ElliptiGO riding, Idai Makaya once again challenged himself to explore his absolute limits on the newly-launched ElliptiGO Arc bike when he took on a 415km (about 260-miles) Audax cycling challenge on the ElliptiGO Arc bike on 1 May 2016. He had to beat a time-limit of 28 Steve Abrahamhours & 40 minutes and you can see how things shaped up in the video below:

So it’s probably appropriate to say “Well done everyone”! Very different people – and very different rides – but all of them having fun building and testing their fitness and endurance on the various ElliptiGO bike models!


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