Join the 2017 ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team!

January 5, 2017

Team ElliptiGO riders lining up to start the 1,230km (765-mile) Paris Brest Paris Audax in 2015…

The ElliptiGO Ultra-Endurance Team is a peer-support-group for ElliptiGO riders who are aiming to take on long-distance cycling events on their ElliptiGO bikes. It is made up of athletes who have completed verified Audax long-distance cycling challenges of 200km distance (or further) on an ElliptiGO bike. 

Our primarily goal is to encourage and inspire (as well as mentor) both new and existing ElliptiGO riders who want to take on long-distance cycling challenges. The Team format allows for accountability and it also provides advice, encouragement and guidance. Even our established and highly accomplished Team members continue to liaise with the group, as they take their achievements to new levels, seeking counsel and accountability from their peers.

If you think the accomplishment of a long-distance ElliptiGO ride appeals to you in a big way do not be afraid to come forward and declare your interest.

We can help you assess your options and will provide honest and responsible guidance for you in relation to setting and achieving long-distance cycling goals using an ElliptiGO bike.  We will also help you prepare yourself in mind and body.

Most healthy able-bodied adults are capable of achieving success in offically verified Audax long-distance cycling challenges on an ElliptiGO bike.

So if you are fascinated by the thought of attempting very long ElliptiGO rides don’t be afraid to come forward – regardless of your experience in sports and fitness. Our team members come from all walks of life and some of our most successful team members actually came forward and declared their intent before they’d ever ridden an ElliptiGO bike. They have gone on to achieve big things – and so can you.

Click here to begin your own audacious journey into long-distance cycling on an ElliptiGO bike…


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