Meet Mark Payne…

November 28, 2016

After being a runner most of my life – and now getting older – I have had many injuries (and a couple of operations on my knee and big toe).  Over the last few years I have had road bikes to use as cross training with my running, so that I can lessen the impact on my body, but it just was not the same as running full-time (and conventional cycling even interfered  with my training, as I couldn’t recover as quickly).
Everything changed this year though. I was on holiday abroad and was reading OUTDOOR FITNESS magazine and they had an article about the ElliptiGO.  Well, as soon as I saw it and read about it, I wanted one (my wife got fed up of hearing me tell her!). It was just my thing, being so running-orientated.
When I first got my ElliptiGO I started on the bike slowly, as my calves were playing up from running injuries, but little by little I built up distance and speed – and last month I did my first 100km ride on the ElliptiGO.
I will be doing longer mileage next year, as I hope to do some Audax (long-distance cycling) rides and maybe some cycle sportive rides. Hopefully, when I do my next running road race, I will see just how much the ElliptiGO has influenced my training for running.
I have the 11R model and love it. I think the only real ‘problem’ I have with the ElliptiGO is that everyone down here (in Devon & Cornwall) keeps wanting to stop me and talk about it!  It’s okay sometimes – but on other days I have to ignore them (or else I wouldn’t get very far)! I’d also say my other ‘regret’ is not discovering the ElliptiGO when it first became available in the UK (back in 2010)…
I don’t know any other ElliptiGO riders in my area, but I hope more people in this locality will continue to join the ‘ElliptiGO revolution’ so I can have some fellow riders to ‘GO’ out with!
Best wishes
Mark Payne


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