Meet Barry Fisher

July 14, 2016


Barry small pic

Barry Fisher is a retired fireman from Derbyshire – whose career was ended by arthritis…

“I am 62 years old. I was a fireman for 28 years and retired on ill health grounds (with a back injury). I now have arthritis in both knees and take Tramadol as a pain blocker. I have reduced the prescription from 8 a day to one a day with the help of my ElliptiGO cycle.

I have difficulty walking more than a mile without stopping for a rest – and never walk pain free. But when I am on my ElliptiGO I am transformed. I can cycle forever pain-free and the sensation of this freedom is exhilarating. Also, the view from up here is tremendous. I also know when it is raining long before the cyclists do!

I have been involved in exercise and fitness for forty years (as a gym regular and swimmer, as well as a walker). When I retired I took up wedding photography. Photography is my passion, but I had to retire from that because of the arthritis, so I now confine myself to studio and flower photography.”

Barry Fisher, Derbyshire.

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