Meet Billy Grace

January 17, 2016

Billy at control

My name is Billy Grace and I was born in 1971.

I was a club-level runner (covering middle-to-long-distances) whose running was frequently interrupted by injury (injuries sufficiently serious that I needed surgery on my Achilles and hip).  I was unable to return to running after the hip surgery but then discovered the ElliptiGO, which has been a revelation to me. On the ElliptiGO I have been able to exercise for as long (or as intensively) as I wish – and then do the same again, the next day. I have never had to miss training on the ElliptiGO due to injury.

The ElliptiGO has also been versatile:

I use it for training outdoors and indoors, commuting, completion of long distance cycling events and solo adventures.

In 2015, as part of Team ElliptiGO, I qualified for and then successfully completed the 1,230km Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP 2015) within the cut-off of 90 hours.  At the end of PBP 2015, my hip felt better than it did before I started the event! Later that year I rode from sea level to over 2000m in one continuous climb in Tenerife: the first known ascent of the Teide road by ElliptiGO!

Billy At Loudeac Sign

The design and build quality of the ElliptiGO can handle all of these challenges with ease, but more importantly, it allows my injury-prone body to handle these challenges (and to do so without problems).

Another surprise to me was discovering the tremendous sense of camaraderie and support within the global ElliptiGO community. I thought I was buying an occasional training device but ended up with a whole lot more.

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