Meet Carrie Hook

May 17, 2016

Carrie_Hook_ImageCarrie Hook is an ElliptiGO rider from Colchester, in Essex…

Carrie is 43 years old and is part of the Harwich Runners Club and the Colchester Rovers Cycling Club. We think her story is really demonstrative of the injury-rehabilitation and injury-prevention benefits the ElliptiGO delivers, as well as being a great example of the commitment to long term health and fitness which we all need to nurture and develop.

Carrie told the ElliptiGO UK Newsletter: “I started running about 8 years ago, but after several running injuries I took up cycling and started doing cycling time trials. However, just 6 months into cycling my left leg started to cause me problems.”

Carrie had developed aching and a weakness in her left leg – which became so serious she had to seek medical treatment. “After many hospital appointments it was confirmed I had a blocked illiac artery, probably caused from the bent over position on the bike…”

In August 2011, she had surgery at St Georges Hospital London to remove the blockage and widen the artery. After a 3 month recovery period Carrie started to walk and then to run again – but she never returned to cycling, fearing the injury may return.

After her return to running more injuries followed, due to the high impact nature of the exercise, so in September 2013 Carrie looked into the ElliptiGO and the impact-free running workout it promised.

The prospect of being able to run less frequently (and still get into marathon shape by supplementing her running training with impact-free ElliptiGO workouts) immediately appealed to Carrie.

That’s where the story got even more interesting!

Carrie told us: “I had to have one… which I named Hugo. I found it difficult not being able to cycle, but since having Hugo I’m not bothered any more. I’m back on wheels – even if they are bit different!”

Carrie’s GOals for this year are to run a marathon in April and to do the regular Wednesday evening 10-mile time trials at her cycling club. In September 2014 Carrie rode 100-miles (on Hugo) in 7 hours 22 min – to set a new ElliptiGO record for the distance. So this report ends on a high note, with Carrie explaining:

“Now I only run 3 times a week – and I ride Hugo 2 or 3 times a week. I have not had any injuries since September (2013) – I love him!”

We think it’s a match made in heaven – and you know what – we love HuGO too!

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