Meet Claire Chatfield

May 17, 2014

Claire Chatfield is an ElliptiGO rider based in the North Pennines…

Claire_ChatfieldClaire’s ElliptiGO journey started one sunny August day in 2012. About a year earlier, she had decided to turn her life around and focus on losing weight and developing higher fitness levels. She’d joined the gym and had dramatically improved her activity levels – such that she took on the impressive “Three Peaks Challenge” (climbing the three tallest mountains in the UK, all within a single day).

After successfully achieving this Claire was looking for a fresh challenge, to sustain her new-found motivation, so she joined the ElliptiGO Club in Milton Keynes. She told us:

“From day-one I was hooked! I met a great group of people and later on that year we all decided we would embark on training for the 54-mile London to Brighton Bike Ride the following year. I also enjoyed supporting Squash and Dave on the Milton Keynes to Brighton leg of their 3000-mile ElliptiGO Challenge.”

In June 2013 Claire completed the London to Brighton Bike Ride, as planned – alongside a number of her fellow ElliptiGO riders and thousands of other cyclists. Then, later in 2013, Claire and her partner Phil decided to follow their dream, setting up a Bed & Breakfast accommodation business. This saw them move to the North Pennines – an area of scenic (but extremely long!) hill climbs and outstanding natural beauty – and now she has the added advantage of getting to ride her ElliptiGO there – whilst taking in all the stunning scenery and getting a serious hill workout, all at the same time!

In October 2013 Claire and two friends (ElliptiGO riders from Milton Keynes) decided to take full advantage of Claire’s ideal new location – in the middle of the popular Coast to Coast Cycle route (140-miles across the UK, from West to East) – and they put in their own ElliptiGO Coast to Coast ride. Claire, Jules and Gerard rode their ElliptiGOs from Whitehaven Coast to the Sunderland Coast (across two days of pouring rain!) to complete yet another cross-country British challenge for Claire!

Claire’s 2014 plan is to complete a 100-mile century ride on her ElliptiGO – in a formal cycling event – and perhaps to do another coast-to-coast ride. If any of you are considering doing the Coast to Coast ride by ElliptiGO, as one of your training goals for this year, Claire and Phil are ideally situated at the half-way point so you can consider staying overnight at their B & B. Find out more or make your booking at at

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