Meet Graham Laurie

September 18, 2015

Graham LGraham Laurie, a retired business manager from Northamptonshire, has shared his inspiring story with the ElliptiGO UK Newsletter, below…

From an early stage in my life sport has been everything. I was always good at all sports, but never great. Therefore personal goals were always the target, not to win. Although, winning did come if I entered the right events.

I have taken part as a competitor in the following sports :- Football, Rugby, Badminton, Squash, Running (track, country, road and fell) Race Walking, Swimming, Orienteering, Mountain Marathon, Cycling, Duathlon (GB). Of all these running is by far the hardest. Tour cycling is the most enjoyable in Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.

My sporting ‘decline’ started in my 40th year when I was preparing for the world athletic track championships. I was out on my normal 5 mile midday run and my knee locked up without any previous problems to warn me that arthritis had set in. From then on I had numerous arthroscopy operations that enabled me to continue running and cycling until I was 60.

By this time the pain was unbearable, and it was suggested by my consultant that I had both knees replaced. During recovery from surgery it was a slow process of swimming, gym work (which I find boring, after a while) and extending speed and distance walking.

A short period into my recovery I decided to try cycling again, which I found impossible until I shortened my cranks to 140mm (normal crank 175mm), which enabled me to push the bike along with only a little discomfort. Over a period of 18 months I was able to slowly increase my cranks to 155mm which made it possible for me to keep up with some of my old training partners.

Last year (2015) at age 65, I was introduced to EllipitiGO, which was the ‘eureka’ moment. It gave me the chance to have a really hard workout, without any pain in my knees. It had been 20 years since I have had this experience and it was marvellous. It has taken some time to really get going on the ElliptiGO, because of too many years not being able to push myself as I used to. I have put on 16Kg since not being able to run, of which I have now lost 6Kg. Therefore, if I continue at this rate, I should be back to racing weight by June next year – ready for the Amsterdam ElliptiGO marathon!

To anyone who is struggling to get back to fitness because of niggling injuries that just will not go away, look at the ElliptiGO. You will get the full body workout, especially on a hilly course, without the stress on your joints you would normally get from running or cycling.

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