Meet Henry Dodwell

September 18, 2014


A message from London: We were sent a “thank-you” email by Henry Dodwell (one of our London customers) earlier this month and thought we would share his enthusiasm with the rest of the ElliptiGO community.

Henry said:

“I’ve been a runner for over 25 years, competing mainly cross-country and track up to national level. I was forced to stop running earlier this year due to a serious ankle injury, and tried swimming and cycling to maintain fitness with little effect or enjoyment.

“I was aware of the ElliptiGO through the running press covering Meb and others, so about 2 months ago, I contacted Idai and on his advice got the 11R. This machine has changed my life! I absolutely love it and am hammering it at least twice a day, mainly round London chasing other cyclists.

“My motivation is unlimited. Without the ElliptiGO I would be in a depressive state now. I hope to get back to running next year, but will ElliptiGO every other day anyway. So therefore, I wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to ElliptiGO for developing this amazing machine. It’s genius.”


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