Meet Ieuan Thomas

November 15, 2015

Ieuan Thomas ImageI started using ElliptiGO earlier this year as part of my rehab process after sustaining an injury that prevented me from running. The ElliptiGO is so much more specific to a runner’s biomechanics than any other cross training that I was able to keep a very good level of fitness in months where impact activities were not an option whilst still maintaining specific running form.

Because of the multiple gears on the ElliptiGO I was able to do everything from tempo workouts to hill intervals! This was absolutely essential in getting me back running fully and I credit the ElliptiGO fully with keeping me in shape during my ‘injured’ months! Since then the ElliptiGO has remained an integral part of my training routine, allowing me to add distance to my running week without the worry and forces associated with additional impact on the body.

It is perfect for morning runs and adding distance to my weekly long run – and because of the additional height you get when riding it (in comparison to a bike) I feel a lot safer taking it out on roads and bike paths too! I’d recommend an ElliptiGO to anyone, athlete or not, as your perfect training or commuting partner…

Ieuan Thomas
British Medallist (3000m Steeplechase & Half  Marathon) & Multiple Welsh Champion

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