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January 17, 2016

Kevin Capper receives the GOWhere to begin? I would suppose the start is as good a place as any. Lets say March 2011…

I went to the doctor, with bad knees, intense acid reflux – and just a little bit overweight! Well the doctor actually told me I weighed 18.5 stone, 256 pounds (118 kg). These numbers will always stick in my head, due to the fact that I was slowly allowing them to kill me, in any number of ways. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!

I already knew that I needed to make changes in my life, so I have very slowly made these changes to my life. I have done this totally on my own, with no outside help or influence, sometimes one thing at a time (to see if it worked) – sometimes more – until I found out exactly what works for me. Believe me when I say that I cannot be happier with the progressive outcome it has had on my life.

Please allow me to elaborate …..

In March 2011, after visiting the doctor, I had started to “go running”. When I say “running” it was actually more of a ‘gentle amble’ (or ‘shamble’) – with painful knees (so that meant I had to take ibuprofen to take down the swelling). I stopped eating crisps/chips (amazingly, I now work for an independent crisp/chip manufacturer…!) fatty foods, fizzy pop and the ‘dreaded’ sugar.

Slowly, I started to change. I ran my first marathon in 2013 – on the hottest day of the year – and have now run countless off-road ultra-marathons (beyond 52 miles is where I consider the ‘ultramarathon distance’ to start!). I work 4 days on and 4 days off – so I can run at least 2 full marathons in a 4-day period now.

Kevin Cappers BikesPlease do not get me wrong, I am no brilliant athlete. I am 50 years old in February, I do not run fast, I do not run pretty, but I simply keep going – and never quit – which is good, because in May 2016 I am running a 104 mile (4 marathon distances, back to back) ultra. I know it is going to challenge me, not least because I will have to run past my own house 4 times (in a 28 hour period)…

Let me tell you about my experience with my ElliptiGO. I have a green 8-geared ‘GO’ by the name of “Goldie” (GOldie?!). I had seen these “strange machines” for about 2 years on the ‘interweb’, thought about trying one out – and then at work one day just hit the “BUY” button and waited for two days for it to arrive…

I had run 15 miles that morning and when I got home there was a beautifully packaged ElliptiGO upon my doorstep!!!! So I unpackaged it and put it together, tried it briefly, then put on my hydration pack and did 25 miles around Worcestershire on it. I have to say that after 5 minutes I was totally hooked on the action and style of the ElliptiGO. So the next day I did a single run of 70 miles – and that felt exceptional – with no knee pain afterwards.

So I am five months into owning an ElliptiGO and it has totally changed my approach to ultramarathon training. I now use my ‘GO’ to increase my stamina and endurance, which translates to better hill-climbing on my feet, which feels very good. I now do not use my car on my days off. I have a Burley Nomad trailer and if I want to GO shopping then I make myself take my GO out of the garage – and as soon as I am on it I am smiling and ultra-happy.

It is a five mile SPRINT to the nearest supermarket to do my weekly shopping – and after five miles I am so alive and happy. I have to pass a really expensive gym with a glass front on the way – and in the window I see a load of people looking out whilst on elliptical trainers – so I just flash them the biggest smile in the world (the same as I flash at pedestrians and car drivers that I pass, who have never seen a ‘GO’ before)!

When I park I am so happy and alive it is hard to explain. People regularly come up to me and ask about my ‘GO’, so no matter what my time frame is, I take time to explain about the GO and the amazing benefits it can have on your body and psyche. If I can help just one single person to improve their life choices then I have succeeded in my life!!!

Kevin Cappers TrailerAnd so to the finish… Five years ago I was totally obese, reliant on antacid tablets, ibuprofen and any other such things that I needed to keep me going!!! Now I run barefoot on the Malvern Hills (I only run in totally minimalist shoes). I have no joint problems. I feel amazing (from the moment I get out of bed, in the morning – and until I get back into bed, at night). I sleep the sleep of the ‘innocent’. I take no medicines AT ALL now. My personal life is amazing! I can honestly say that I have never been this happy, or motivated.

Oh and I have lost 1/3 of my body weight!!! That is close to 40kg, 85 lb, 6 stone. And a big part of my continued success – and total enjoyment – is riding my ‘GO’ up to 248 miles a week to get to work and back. In fact, a very good friend of mine has challenged me to ‘GO’ on a treasure hunt to get a selfie! It will be 2,000 miles – to Bulgaria … take a selfie, turn around – and come home again…. 4,000 miles in total.

I have accepted the challenge and I am so looking forward to doing it! Plus, I have given myself a ‘bucket list’ of nine other extreme challenges to do…. NEVER GIVE UP …. Keep GOing. Happy trails to you all!!!

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