Meet Kevin Hunt

May 18, 2014

KevinKevin Hunt is an ElliptiGO Customer from Preston, in Lancashire. Kevin has kindly shared his ElliptiGO journey, below:

“On the 13th October 2013 I achieved my first sub 3 hour marathon in Chicago, something I could only ever have dreamed about when I clocked 4:27 on my first marathon in April 2011. At 44 years old – and with the running bug firmly embedded in me – I knew that doing 2 or 3 marathons a year and the associated 50+ mile weeks needed would take its toll in the long run.

Just before Chicago I saw an article in Runners World about the ElliptiGO and no-impact running, I looked on the website and made an enquiry for a test ride with my nearest dealer. That was about 3 weeks before Chicago and I was getting an increased amount of pain in my right heel, so I knew I would have to rest more in winter and the ElliptiGO seemed an ideal way to keep my base fitness up.

I arranged a test ride with Simon from the BikeRunning Shop and was immediately hooked, the price was ‘high’ but I figured this was something I would use and the workout felt hard (more like what I was accustomed to with running).

I would like to point out that in the past I have spent a lot of money on road bikes, mountain bikes and various pieces of indoor fitness equipment – only for them to be given away, or sold on eBay, when the time came for a clear out! The ElliptiGO got me outside (I hate gym training), gave me a HARD workout and I felt was not only a substitute for an injured runner, but that it would actually improve my fitness as a healthy runner too!

Having used several 5 mile rides to get used to riding, changing gears, etc. I started to use the ElliptiGO to substitute my longer runs. I now have 14 mile routes which take an hour and 16 and 26 miles for rides up to 2 hours. My running consisted of 5k Parkruns and longer runs of no more than one hour in length – or approximately 8 miles.

In the meantime, I have been awaiting for treatment on my Achilles but I still completed the 2014 London Marathon (in fancy dress for my charity Breast Cancer Campaign).

My fellow club runners said not to expect much, as I had done no traditional marathon training, however I felt strong and managed 3h 37 minutes (which shocked myself and a number of friends – especially as it also bagged a Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon dressed in fancy dress as a logo)!

I can only put this time – and my ability to run consistent 8.10 pace – to my longer rides on my ElliptiGO.

I aim to be fit and running regularly again by June 2014 and will be entering an Autumn marathon. I can’t wait to see what time I can achieve with a marathon plan and the awesome workouts of the ElliptiGO keeping my legs fresh!”


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