Meet Kitty Vernooij

January 16, 2017

After developing hip arthritis Kitty Vernooij says the ElliptiGO has given her sporting life back to her. Read her full story below…

Kitty Vernooij

I am Kitty Vernooij, 48 years old and I live in Holland. I have been ‘addicted’ to sport all my life. When I was young I learnt Judo. I almost had the black belt, but I had to quit because of back problems. I then played soccer for a couple of years – and rode a Kickbike for exercise – but running was my biggest passion.

I was a runner for 25 years. I estimate I ran about 70,000 kilometres – in total – and I completed 3 marathons. After my last marathon (in 2010) I developed significant groin pain. I stopped running for a couple of months, but it would not go away. In March of 2011 the hospital said I could not run anymore, because of hip problems. My world fell apart. I got into a big depression because I could not do what I loved anymore. And then I remembered an article about the ElliptiGO, which I read about a year earlier.

I looked on the internet for more information but discovered the bikes were not available in Holland yet. Then I got in contact with Henny van Vliet, from MyMove Gym (a gym which had some ElliptiGOs for its own customers to use). Henny wanted to bring ElliptiGOs to Holland on a commercial basis through his company and he offered me a test ride on one of theirs. The weather was terrible that day, but I wanted to try it for at least one hour, to see how my hips would react.

The next day I did not have any more pain than usual, so I decided to buy one. I had to wait a while for the bike to arrive – and in July that year I had started with an ElliptiGO 3C. Ater 8 months I then bought an ElliptiGO 8C. Then, two and a half years ago, I bought an ElliptiGO 11R – and I still love it! Last year I rode 10,000 kilometres in total – and my longest ride was 300 kilometres. I am forever grateful to Henny for bringing the ElliptiGO to the Netherlands, because he gave me my sporting life back.

Sometimes I find it tough a very long ride (I ride solo for most of of the time) so I focus on my breathing, being  aware of the surroundings and that allows me to carry on. I just ‘take out the trash’. The ‘trash’ is keeping me from the only thing that matters (which is the moment). When you truly are in the ‘here and now’ you will be amazed at what you can do – and how well you can do it.

Kitty races to victory in the ElliptiGO Benelux Marathon race in 2016…

On some weeks I can do a lot – and other weeks I have got so much pain I can only ‘survive’. But I refuse to give up what I love the most. The ElliptiGO also gave me a couple of real friends from all over the world (France, UK, Australia and the United States). I had never been outside Holland before last year (2016), when I went to France to meet my ElliptiGO friends and ride in the 2016 ElliptiGO European Championships alongside many of my new friends.

What a great experience it was! It really made me proud to meet them. I still have a big list of fellow ElliptiGO riders I would like to meet – and ElliptiGO friends I want to meet again! I even have a French coach now, whom I got to know through ElliptiGO training! I hope I can ride many more miles in the future. I bought an ElliptiGO Arc last week (in January 2017). It’s awesome to ride! The ElliptiGO has truly changed my life and I am very grateful for it…

Kitty Vernooij,

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