Meet Mark McCabe

September 17, 2013

Mark McCabeMark McCabe MISCP MSc(Sports Med) CSCS (Ireland):

“I first tried the Elliptigo at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference, San Francisco in 2012 and immediately saw the potential benefits it could offer as a rehab conditioning tool.

Subsequently while training this year primarily for Ironman Arizona 2013 I developed a High Hamstring tendinopathy that forced me to stop running. I used the ElliptiGO in place of all planned run sessions without pain during rehab and subsequently was surprised at how good my run fitness was on return to graded running.

I even won a Half Ironman national Age Group medal on 3 weeks run training and lots of ElliptiGO training. I’ve been using Elliptigo for 6 months and can see the huge benefit it offers runners, triathletes and active individuals as a great means of low impact training which closely mimics the muscle activation patterns of running.

To date I have been able to use it with clients to hasten conditioning gains in their rehab from lower limb bone / tendon and ligament injuries. Being able to work outdoors greatly reduces the monotony associated with the typical  cross-trainer or pool running.

Below are what I believe to be the key benefits of ElliptiGO Training:

  1. Develop all energy systems for whatever your sport in a low impact manner.
  2. Boost training volume safely to allow greater performance gains.
  3. Run-specific muscle activation patterns encouraging lower limb triple extension and good posture to allow direct transfer to running.
  4. Allows early conditioning safely in the event of lower limb injury. It’s low impact mode of exercise spares joints /tendons that need healing time.
  5. Excellent way to safely improve running performance for new runners looking to increase fitness while minimising injury risk associated with too much running too soon.”

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