Meet Mike Phillips

August 13, 2016


My ElliptiGO experience started out at the 2016 London Marathon expo, at which my partner Louise was running. While wandering around the stalls I came across the ElliptiGO stand. After chatting at length with ldai I realised that this piece of machinery may be what I was looking for – to help with not only my overall fitness but also Racketball training.

Mike Phillips 1

I am a former Welsh International squash player having represented Wales over 4 decades as a Junior, Senior, O40 and O45. Following a hip replacement operation in 2008, at the age of 49, I decided to switch from Squash to Racketball, as the latter is kinder on your joints and not so dynamic – basically giving me more court time.

To date I have won 3 British Racketball titles 1 x O50 and 2 x O55 my training in the main consisted of gym work with weights and intervals on an exercise bike, basically everything indoors which I was getting a bit fed up with.


Hence the ElliptiGO bike! I could get outside and train and unlike long bike rides that took up too much time I found the ElliptiGO could be used for a much better workout, in half the time. Since collecting my Bike at the beginning of May I have been out on average 5 times a week, doing anything from 16 – 35 miles in one go, depending on how much time I had.

As the Squash and Racketball coach at Chichester Racquets and Fitness Club, which is a round trip of 18 miles, I can get a good workout going back and forth to work. I’m only 4 months and my 1st summer in with my new toy! And at 57 years of age I’m looking forward to many more miles as a way to train for hopefully more Racketball titles.


Mike Phillips,


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