Meet Patricia Robinson

January 27, 2017

Patricia Robinson is a 56-year-old ElliptiGO rider from Kent…

I am a good cook and baker and I love to eat!  It is the latter that caused me to take up jogging.  After all, as I am naturally built for ‘comfort’ rather than speed, I had to do some form of exercise to counteract the effects of the lovely food and cakes!

So I jogged through two London Marathons and then, for about 5½ – 6 years, I completed a 10k every month. Jogging. Sometimes successfully attaining last place, but it did not matter; because the ‘welcoming committee’ when I finally finished the race was sooo encouraging (and I was exercising and keeping my weight down…and enjoying my food)!

About three years ago I realised that my left knee did not appreciate the jogging and, if I did not want to end up walking with a stick, I would have to find some other form of exercise.  So I started swimming again and throwing kettlebells around (I can complete a mean snatch) but it wasn’t enough.  I missed the effective weight control that jogging provided.

A year ago I saw the ElliptiGO on the Cyclopark website and I did some more research and discovered the ElliptiGO UK website. I wondered “What is THAT?!?” (which is the great reaction I now get when I GO riding, but I’m jumping ahead…)  Long story short, I had a test ride at my home and… and I was hooked.  I have an ElliptiGO 8C and it is luminous green – and fabulous.

Standing as I ride – seeing and being seen – is great, and safe.  While riding, when one hits that ‘sweet spot’ – the meeting of a long stretch of road (with the merest of incline) and me on my ‘GO in the right gear – I am flying…. It. Is. Wonderful.

My longest ride to date is 35 miles, which is an achievement for me, as I am an asthmatic.  At 56, I am keener than ever to exercise more, as I get older.  Previously, whenever I went for a jog, I always had to take a puff of my Ventolin Inhaler before commencing the jog.  I have not needed to take my Inhaler before riding the ‘GO, in my year of ownership.

The baking now includes sourdough bread (making it from scratch) and on any of the days when the dough is doing its five-hour bulk ferment I will take the ElliptiGO for a ride.  I enjoy ‘defeating’ local hills on my ‘GO – and the weight control is GOing in the right direction…

Patricia Robinson,

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