Meet Neil Warby

October 31, 2016

Neil Warby, from Bedfordshire, sent us the following feedback in May 2016 (about two weeks after he’d bought his ElliptiGO Arc):

Neil Warby

So I’ve now had the “Green Peril” (my ElliptiGO Arc!) for two weeks, and thought I’d share my experience so far…

Firstly my experience….well I love it….okay – you want more detail??

Well I’ve come from a back ground of running – but am struggling with injuries. What I love about “The Peril” is that I can get a really good training session in, without any impact – which means I can maintain my running fitness without making my injuries worse.

What I have also noticed is that no matter how hard I push on “The Peril” I don’t experience any DOMS (post-exercise delayed onset muscle soreness) the following day – which I would after a hard running session or sprints etc.

To start with I was a little worried about GOing up hills – but after trying a few have noticed that if I push hard I can fly up the hills, but if I don’t push it seems like there is a big reduction in speed…(if you know what I mean)!

I would also point out that if you don’t like attention, then maybe riding an ElliptiGO is something not suited to you – because it doesn’t matter what others are driving/ riding – “The Peril” seems to get all the attention!

In October 2016 Neil also shared the following update, with a few months of ElliptiGO training experience (and a recent marathon) behind him:

There have been some recent posts on Facebook asking how using an ElliptiGO can help supplement running training – and asking: “is it a useful training tool for marathons?” Well I thought I would share my experience.

For the last few years I have been a runner… anything from half marathons to 80 mile ultras… road trail… anything. Then about 12 months ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and advised to reduce the amount of running I did.

Now, being a typical bloke, I only paid lip service to the advice and carried on running… Then, this year, I had a problem with a bone in my foot… and went to see a specialist (who advised cutting my weekly run mileage by 75%, and if I didn’t there was a risk of serious injury)…

So, knowing both Clive Daniels and Stu Blofeld (from my local running club) owned ElliptiGO bikes – and chatting to Idai from ElliptiGO UK – I decided to get myself the Arc. I have been using the ElliptiGO Arc to replace my ‘long’ runs and I do short speed work/hill reps of actual running training.

On Saturday 29 October 2016, I took on the Snowdon Marathon (which is a hilly race to say the least)! My longest run for the 3 months of prior training was a 10 mile run, so I was a little nervous, but I was really pleased to finish in 3h 52min – without any injuries.

I think training on the ElliptiGO Arc made all the difference…

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