New ElliptiGO 24 Hour World Record!

June 25, 2012

RIDE 24 2012

RIDE 24 2012

On 24th June 2012 Idai Makaya lined up for Ride-24, the annual Action Medical Research ultra-cycling track challenge held at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, in the UK. Ride-24 is a 24 hour time-trial which involves cycling round the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit for a full 24 hours, to see how far each team (or individual) can go within the time limit.

About 220 cyclists were taking part in the time trial on standard road racing bikes – most of them as part of teams of 4-8 riders – taking turns to ride across the 24 hour period. But Idai was riding the entire 24 hours solo (alongside 33 like-minded individuals in the solo category) and Idai was the only one attempting the event on an ElliptiGO… Read More



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