Meet Nigel Lee

September 2, 2016

Brighton Pier

Nigel is a 50-year-old ElliptiGO rider (and marathon runner) from Brighton who had a hip replacement operation aged 47. He recently shared his training journey with us and gives some insights into the impact ElliptiGO training is having on his life, his health, and his fitness…

I have always been sport minded ever since I can remember. At school I played football, rugby, cricket, basketball athletics… fact I played any sport I could. ‘Athletics-wise’ I was a sprinter, never going more than 400m.

After leaving school I played a football for a few years then work and married life and 2 wonderful children took me away from sport altogether.

After the wilderness years (at the age of 41) I found myself a football team, bearing in mind I was a sprinter and had no stamina I put on the gloves and stood between the sticks.

Sadly at the age of 46, I was experiencing pain in my left hip area and shortly after my 47th birthday I underwent a hip replacement operation.


Well, 8 weeks after the operation I was determined to get back to some sort of working out and for the first time joined a gym. I enjoyed the machines and the feeling that I was not only losing weight and looking better, but also my asthma was under control and I felt the fittest I had done for 25 years.

Well, I turned 50 (in Dec 2015) and decided that I should run a marathon. For a former sprinter this was so daunting. It wasn’t so much the distance, but how to run for more than 1 minute, 10 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours!!

It was while I was training that I came across the ElliptiGO – boy did this machine look cool. I bookmarked the page and had a peak every now and then, just to tease myself!

My wife surprised me with my very own ElliptiGO, or “The Gherkin” as the guys at work call it, early this year (2016). My 8C was put into storage whilst I finished my marathon training.

Well after my 26.2 miles around Brighton in April 2016 I have fallen head over heels for “The Gherkin”.

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A typical week will consist of 3 rides and 70 miles. The ‘gawp factor’ is always high when I am out and about and I am forever talking to people about the health benefits of this impact free machine which has allowed me to breathe fresh air and have a great cardio workout.

I have set myself ride goals of 50 miles, 100km and 100 miles by my 51st birthday!!

Watch this space………………

Nigel Lee, Brighton.

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