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January 4, 2015

The ElliptiGO is a bike that actually lets you run without impact!!!
See the quick demo video below:

Already proven and used by the world’s best runners, including Haile Gebrselassie, the ElliptiGO allows runners to condition their running muscles without the jarring involved in actual running, giving increased strength and endurance in the muscles used for running. This allows runners to increase their training volume without the limitations of injury – and also allows runners to reduce the amount of actual running they need to do, whilst actually getting fitter to run.

The ElliptiGO is also great for improving the fitness and conditioning of conventional cyclists – especially improving hill-climbing strength for conventional cyclists. It handles really well at very slow or very fast speeds and riders on the ElliptiGO can still climb the steepest hills, retaining the same hill climbing ability on the ElliptiGO as they would have on a good road bike.

The ElliptiGO burns considerably more calories per hour than conventional cycling, giving better overall fitness conditioning and weight loss results, yet it is still efficient enough to tackle the longest, toughest and most brutal road cycling events on earth. Most of all – it’s just so much fun to ride!!! You can read about more of our customers.

ElliptiGO UK is setting up a new national network of personal trainers who will be able to offer ElliptiGO personal training as part of their personal training services.

Personal trainers who join our network will be able to access brand new ElliptiGO Bikes for a fee of £24.95 per week, per bike. This means that one client personal training session each week is sufficient to cover the cost of one bike (and any additional sessions will result in a profit for the week).

This new Personal Trainer Network represents a huge opportunity for personal trainers to define themselves and stand out from the crowd. Email Idai Makaya if you are interested in learning more or becoming part of the ElliptiGO Personal Trainer Network.

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