Riding The London Rush Hour – on an ElliptiGO…

October 31, 2016

People who’ve never ridden an ElliptiGO often ask us how well the ElliptiGO handles busy traffic conditions, in comparison to other bikes. For any bike, a lot will depend on the rider, but many of our customers tell us they find their ElliptiGO to be the best bike they have when it comes to riding in busy traffic and on the main roads.

This is because of the great visibility which the ElliptiGO’s high upright riding position gives to the rider (and also to the surrounding traffic around the rider). It’s also because of the excellent low-speed stability of the ElliptiGO, which is ideal for riding in congested traffic areas. And the ElliptiGO’s suitability for making rapid accelerations certainly helps our riders to negotiate the intersections in busy urban conditions!

This video of a weekday commute through Central London demonstrates all these aspects quite well and it also gives insights into various other aspects of bike commuting on an ElliptiGO in heavy traffic areas. The video probably answers any questions you might have in relation to what an ElliptiGO is like in stop-start traffic congestion situations and how well it handles such conditions.

The video also shows what it’s like using the cycling ‘super-highways’ in London and gives a glimpse into the day-to-day life of cycle commuters in the capital city…

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