Kati Wins Big at The Spin London Cycling Festival!

May 25, 2017

ElliptiGO UK exhibited at the Spin London Cycling Festival from 12-14 May 2017 and the show arranged a prize draw competition for all Spin London visitors, giving them the opportunity to win an ElliptiGO Arc 8.

The prize draw winner was Kati Balázs – congratulations Kati! We asked Kati a few questions about her cycling background and what the win meant to her and here’s what she told us:

Why did you enter to the ElliptiGO prize draw Kati?

I wanted the chance to win an ElliptiGO when I saw it at SPIN so entered my name.

What is your fitness/athletic background? 

As a child, I was incredibly lazy and the least sporty person you could ever meet! As I have a problem with my foot, I hated running and any form of impact exercise. However, I discovered the joys of cycling six years ago and now I cycle as much as I can – I commute by bicycle to work every day and do longer rides, especially in the summer months.

How did you learn about ElliptiGO?

I first heard of them when I watched a video on the London-Edinburgh-London Audax a few years ago and was amazed at the achievement of all the riders – on various kinds of bicycles – road, recumbent, etc. Since then I have been aware of them.

What are you hoping the ElliptiGO will help you to do/achieve?

I would like to improve my core body strength, do more cardio, and think that using the ElliptiGO will help me get fitter and stronger.

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