Meet Stuart Blofeld

June 17, 2014

StuStuart Blofeld is an ultra-marathon runner from Bedfordshire, who shared his ElliptiGO story and his plans for the year ahead…

Stuart is 35 years old and lives in Leighton Buzzard with his wife and their two children (a daughter aged 5 and a son aged 2). We think he completely epitomises the athleticism, the dedication to fitness, the all-round practicality, the can-do attitude and the smart training philosophies which tend to define ElliptiGO customers.

Stuart recently told us: “Having a young family certainly keeps me busy and puts a lot of pressure on finding the time to train. I’m a runner at heart and have enjoyed this passion for 10 years now. I enjoy running all distances and terrains – and pushing the boundaries on what my body (and mind) can endure.

“The ElliptiGO entered my life over three years ago now, when it was first launched in the UK in December 2010. With our second child due back then I knew this was going to severely impact my time to train – and kids cost money! So the ElliptiGO was the perfect Christmas present to myself!”

Always pragmatic, to make family time and save fuel money Stuart regularly combines his ElliptiGO training with his 25-mile commute to work (giving him a daily total of 50-miles of training mileage with each ElliptiGO commute). See the article on “Double Training Sessions” in this newsletter, for more information about some of the benefits of doing this type of two-way daily commute.

Stu2Stu says about buying his ElliptiGO: “I loved it from the outset (and enjoyed the freedom of movement it gave – which you just can’t get on a bike). I took the decision early on to have a crack at the 100-mile distance when I first got the ElliptiGO and trained hard for it.

“The event I trained for was called the Chiltern 100 (which was actually 110 miles long – they didn’t tell you that!!!). It was an awesome day with some big climbs and some big down-hills too. I topped 41 mph on one long downhill, which was pretty scary – but fun! I completed the hilly 110-miles (with over 9,000 feet of climbing) in 7 hrs and 45 min, to earn my induction into the ElliptiGO Century Club.”

Three years later Stuart continues to incorporate the ElliptiGO into his training with very good effect. In 2013 he completed two of his “dream life-time ultra races” – the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run in California and the 100-mile Ultra Tour Du Mont Blanc in France. To get through both those events the combined time on his feet was 69 hours!

Stuart told us: “This was definitely not ‘zero impact’ exercise as my feet, body and soul took a pounding! So my goals for 2014 are mainly on the ElliptiGO.” (Obviously with a few marathons and ultras thrown in for good measure – Ed.)!!!

“I’m riding the Castle 100 miler in May and then looking to take part in either the 24 hour Ride 24 cycling time trial, at Thruxton race track in September – or the 100 mile event taking place at the same time and same track. Because of the flat racing circuit at Thruxton my goal there is to have a crack at either the ElliptiGO 100 mile world record (5 hrs 50 min) or the ElliptiGO 24 hr world record (321-miles).

“Regarding my run times: My biggest improvement has happened in the half marathon and marathon distance. Since I incorporated ElliptiGO training into my regime from the beginning of 2011, I have improved my half marathon time from 1:27 to 1:20 and my marathon time from 3:30 to 2:59.

Crucially though, even with the high-intensity nature of ultra-marathon training, since introducing the ElliptiGO into my training I haven’t suffered from any run injuries that have kept me out for more than a week. The ElliptiGO definitely contributes to my overall endurance, which supports me when I’m training for ultra races.

“Lastly I would add: I once viewed the ElliptiGO as a cross-training device, just to assist my run training. However, these days, my view is that it’s a great and hugely rewarding outdoor activity and a sport in itself (which I don’t do because I run, but because I want to ElliptiGO)…”

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