Svenja’s Running Performance Boosted by ElliptiGO Training

January 17, 2016

Svenja 2Svenja hails from a small, picturesque town in the heart Germany’s Black Forest. Now in her early thirties, she has been running competitively since her early teens, when her athletic talents became apparent (after winning many local and regional track and road races).

In 2004, Svenja moved to London to work and study, staying for eight years. During this time she competed for her local North London based athletics club, and in 2005 had her greatest athletics success to-date becoming the German National Under-23 5000m Champion. Other significant achievements during this time included being three-time county champion and the joint most successful individual in the history of the largest cross-country league in the country (with seven victories). However, her training and racing was continuously interrupted by injuries, to the extent that her potential was never fulfilled.

In 2012, Svenja moved back to Germany to study, the best days of her athletics career seemingly past her. However, in late 2015, Svenja returned to London to work on her thesis, and re-joined her previous athletics club, where she was introduced for the first time to the ElliptiGO 11R (owned by the club’s president and ElliptiGO enthusiast). Still hampered by lingering, unresolved injuries, Svenja began to supplement her limited running training with cross-training, using the ElliptiGO, at first a weekly steady run-replacement – and then an additional interval session (all around a local 5km road circuit).

Svenja ElliptiGO_65598Svenja’s recent race results attest to the fitness and strength benefits of ElliptiGO crosstraining.

Since incorporating the ElliptiGO rides into her training as run-replacements, Svenja has been able to, for the first time in many years, train and race hard consistently with no aggravation of her injuries – and consequently has had some very promising results; three victories and two second places in five high-profile competitions (in cross-country league races, regional championships and 10km road races) and is back in personal best shape. She is looking forward to the remaining race season expectantly, and will continue to use the ElliptiGO to boost her performance.

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