Tony Ingles 215lb weight loss

May 17, 2016

Tony1 Tony Ingles from Milton Keynes, England, has used the ElliptiGO to help with his 215 lb weight loss. Yes, he lost 215 lbs in weight! Tony – and his fiancee Jane, are continuing to use their ElliptiGOs to maintain their new healthier lifestyle with impact-free cardio training. You can read the first part of Tony’s amazing fitness and weight loss journey on this link – but the latest instalment of this journey is much more fun!

ElliptiGO Travellers:

Jane & Tony from Milton Keynes decided to GO Dutch a few weeks ago and they visited The Netherlands. Here’s Tony’s account of their enviable trip and what they did there with their Dutch ElliptiGO ‘pen-pals’.

“After connecting to the Dutch ElliptiGO group on Facebook, Jane and I decided to travel and ride with the group near Rotterdam.  The original idea was to drive there with our ElliptiGOs and travel by ferry, but circumstances changed and I was offered the rental of two ElliptiGOs for the weekend – so early Friday morning we flew from Luton to Amsterdam and caught a very prompt train to Rotterdam.

Tony2We got to Rotterdam Alexander Station after an uneventful train change in Gouda. Mussolini couldn’t have made the trains run more on time!  Audrey (our Facebook ‘GO friend) picked Jane and I up and took us to a large park and lake in Rotterdam (Krailingse Plas) – very picturesque!!!

I found out that Henny van Vliet, the ElliptiGO Dutch representative, had arranged a TV crew for a Dutch show to be there to promote the ElliptiGO and about 10 other ElliptiGO riders had gathered for the occasion.

Jane and I rode around the lake while they were getting ready and they did some filming.  What a beautiful place!  I always thought Rotterdam was mainly an industrial city (from my geography subject at school) but it seems things have certainly changed since the late 70’s. We found a very green city with lots of parks.

Tony3After spending a few hours enjoying the weather, smooth cycleways and some Dutch national dishes at the lakeside café, we were taken to the guest house. About 30 Euros a night each plus breakfast. The room was on a farm just outside the city (Krimpen aan de Lekke).  Great room with a kitchen and a full fridge!!

We went out for the evening for an excellent meal and the next day enjoyed the true delights of the Dutch cycle paths.   Amazingly flat, smooth and everybody was good natured – even the Dutch car drivers – apart from their strange practice of driving on the wrong side of the road!

Lunch was outside – near Rotterdam’s old harbour area – and the riding was quite leisurely (Jane was thankful)!  In the evening we ate outside again – in the grounds at the farmhouse. When we arrived back, even more food was added to our already groaning fridge!

On the last day (Sunday) we were treated to a tour of the 24(?) windmills at Kinderdijk. It’s a world heritage site with many sightseers – but, to be honest, they seemed to be more interested in our ElliptiGOs…

We were then taken on a tour of Rotterdam – including ascending to the top of the largest tower in Rotterdam (The Euromast).  Finally, taken back to the airport and home by 8pm.

Tony4Tony TowerOur hosts were great and we met some very friendly people – especially Audrey and Eddy HeyKoop, Kitty Vernooij and Henny van Vliet – they all spoke English and were very good company!  I would encourage everyone to widen their ‘GO’ horizons and meet other members of the ElliptiGO family!  We will be ‘GO’ tourists again very shortly!”

Despite the fact that the Dutch ElliptiGO distributors had wrongly claimed to their British visitors that Rotterdam was the “ElliptiGO Capital of Europe” we very much enjoyed reading about Jane and Tony’s travels (and Jane and Tony are now safely back in Milton Keynes – the true “ElliptiGO Capital of Europe”)!!!

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