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Our two product families provide different riding experiences:

Elliptical bikes have a gentle long-stride motion that feels like running on air.

Stand up bikes have a circular pedaling motion and offer a more comfortable and superior workout compared to a traditional bike.

Both deliver a low-impact, full-body workout that burns 33% more calories than a traditional bike. Which family is best for you depends on how much you’ll benefit from the elliptical pedaling motion.

The smooth, running-like motion of ElliptiGO elliptical bikes delivers the ultimate in riding comfort and performance.

Enjoy a familiar bicycle pedal stroke that will take you anywhere, including off-road, without the neck, back and seat pain of a traditional bike.

What Are the Differences Between Elliptical Bikes and Stand Up Bikes?

What Are the Differences Between Elliptical Bikes and Stand Up Bikes?

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The Benefits of Stand Up and Elliptical Cycling

From professional athletes to the everyday person, stand-up and elliptical bikes deliver an effective cardio workout that’s easy on your body and gets you out of the gym. The upright position and low-impact nature produce a comfortable ride that is so fun, you’ll forget you’re exercising.

  • Full-Body Workout Stand up and elliptical bikes engage your legs, core and upper body

  • Low-Impact All of our bikes provide a smooth, low-impact pedaling motion that is easy on the joints

  • Burns 33% More Calories Get a better workout in less time compared to a traditional bike

  • Indoor/Outdoor Solution Train year-round on the road, on the trail or on our Fluid 365 stationary trainer